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  • Pedalling by the lake.
(This one's from the archives, from June 2018)
  • Isolated. Flow. Still. [Long Caption ✍️]
Both street photography and B&W are new things for me, but I like to experiment with photography. -- For me, street photography is about photographing shapes of the street itself, but also dynamics within that street. Think buildings, but also the ebb and flow of the people who live in and around those buildings.

That's the mindset I had when capturing this image a few months back. An anonymous street statue performer, standing alone, longing for interactions in the bustling heart of London. -- Black and White is also new for me. I usually look to show the beautiful colours of our human and natural world. But I also think that the isolation in this image was more powerful in Black and White, to highlight the solidity of an individual in a large urban centre. -- I love photography for these kind of experimentations. Stepping outside of my comfort zone of landscape, and diving into the more human dimension of photography.

Let me know what you think.

What new horizons are you experimenting with in your photography?
  • Scale matters. -- San Francisco - 2017 --
  • San Francisco. August 2017.

Man, I miss this city: the colours, the vibes, the skies (and fog) 🌉
  • Cool evenings by the sea 🌊
  • Looking up.

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